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Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club starts at 7am, then till 9am every weekday.

Breakfast clubs provide an excellent start to the school day aiming to provide a healthy nutritious start to the day, Help children to be alert and ready to learn, Encourage children to mix with their friends, Improve attendance and performance throughout the day, Reassure parents that their child is safe when dropped off in the morning

Healthy eating

It is our policy to offer foods that meet national nutritional guidelines set by The Scottish Government. We aim to reduce the amount of sugar, fat and salt in the diet while increasing fruit, vegetables and fibre. We will encourage your child to choose wisely, making sure they have a nutritious and well balanced start to the day.

Please use the 'contact us' button if you have any questions.


After School Care


Our Afterschool Club is offered pick up from School at 3pm, then till 6pm every weekday.


We have a monthly activity planner, which the children help develop, taking into account any special dates. There is also an additional physical activity offered to your child in the form of football, basketball, tennis, swimming etc.




Please find below a list of schools we drop off at and pick up from. If your school is not listed please contact us and we will try to accommodate. All children will be transported by our own fleet of transport.

Knowetop Primary
St Brendan's Primary
Muirhouse Primary
Netherton Primary
St Thomas Primary
Thornlie Primary
Wishaw Academy
St ignatius Primary
St aidens Primary
Calder Bridge Primary
Clelland Primary
New Mains Primary 
Berryhill Primary
Morning Side Primary

St Augustines Primary
St Marys Primary
St Timothy’s Primary
Kickshaws Primary
Old Monkland Primary
St Monicas Primary 
St Bartholemews Primary 
Greenhill Primary 
Langloan Primary

Knowetop Primary
Cathedral Primary
St Bernadettes Primary
Lady Well Primary
Glencairn Primary
Muir St Primary